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16 April 2012

DSA 2012 - AirBoss Defence's Extreme CBRN Protection

AirBoss Defense, exhibiting at DSA 2012, specialises in hand, foot and respiratory protective wear for CBRN protection for both military and first response applications. AirBoss is a world leader in the design and development of these products.
AirBoss also manufactures Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) footwear for military use and a full range of firefighter boots, including the world’s first CBRN fire boot.
The defense product line include the AirBoss Lightweight Overboot (ALO), the AirBoss Moulded Glove (AMG), and the C-4 Gas Mask.

The ALO provides more than 24 hours of protection against chemical and biological warfare agents, and is chosen by most NATO countries as their product of choice to protect their soldiers.

The AMG provides the same protection as the ALO in a glove that is puncture resistant and provides great dexterity.

The C-4 gas mask, according to the company, surpasses NATO and related Triptych protection standards for eyes , face and respiratory tract against chemical and biological warfare agents when used with an approved canister filter.

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