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16 April 2012

WFEL Targets News Markets at DSA 2012

WFEL, on stand number 4P 15, showcases its portfolio of combat and civilian disaster relief bridging systems. The company supplies its three-strong product family to over 40 Armed Forces worldwide.

WFEL’s flagship system – the Dry Support Bridge (DSB) – is one of the world’s longest unreinforced tactical military bridges, which can span gaps of up to 46 metres. A £57 million contract for the DSB system was recently signed with the Swiss Armed Forces, which will see WFEL deliver several units between 2013 and 2015.

(Photo: WFEL)

WFEL originally launched a tactical bridging unit to the international market in the 1970’s with the development of its first product – the Medium Girder Bridge (MGB). Over 500 MGBs have been sold globally and today it is frequently used in emergency relief missions. MGBs were recently deployed to aid relief efforts in Japan following its devastating tsunami and earthquake in 2011.

(Photo: WFEL)  

WFEL’s third system is the Air Portable Ferry Bridge (APFB), which was designed to be used by light forces needing increased mobility and flexibility. The APFB – which incorporates a ferry system – is easily transportable by land, sea and air and is used in a variety of military and civil emergency applications as it can be built by troops or trained civilians.

(Photo: WFEL)

Max Houghton, Sales and Marketing Director of WFEL, said: “We are always looking to expand in new markets overseas and exhibitions like DSA are an ideal platform from which to demonstrate the capability of our bridging systems. Ensuring missions, be they in combat or in the wake of a major natural disaster, are not prevented or delayed when water or dry-gap obstacles are encountered is essential for them to be carried out efficiently. Our suite of bridging systems gives Armed Forces worldwide a range of solutions to choose from so their operations can be carried out quickly and safely.”

For more information about this technology, please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY 4/2012 and/or NAVAL FORCES II/2012, available at the show at 3P29.

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