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16 April 2012

Expal Exhibiting EIMOS Integrated on VAMTAC 4x4

EXPAL is presenting EIMOS, its integrated mortar system, integrated on a VAMTAC 4x4 lightweight vehicle at stand 3129.
EIMOS allows for the integration of its 60 and 81mm EXPAL standard mortars in a 4x4 lightweight vehicle without the need of special reinforcements; this is possible due to its elastic device, which allows for immediate entrance and exit positioning.

(Photo: Expal)

The EIMOS system can also be adapted to the customer needs and final requirements, while facilitating integration with legacy systems, such as vehicle platforms, communications means or other C2 systems.

EXPAL has a permanent trade office in Kuala Lumpur to coordinate all activities in the area of the Southeast Asia region, Australia and New Zealand.

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