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16 April 2012

Diehl Defence Showcasing its Innovation at DSA 2012

At DSA 2012, Diehl Defence is showcasing not only its successful IRIS-T air-to-air guided missile, but a model of the entire IRIS-T SLM (Surface-Launched Medium Range) air-defence system including launcher vehicle and radar as well.

IRIS-T SLS (Surface Launched Short Range) (Photo: Diehl)

Ground-Based Air Defence (Photo: Diehl)

Apart from protection and surveillance systems, modern ammunition solutions and fuzes in the medium-calibre area for Armies, Air Forces and Navies are on display. 

40mm HV (High Velocity) ammuniton (Photo: Diehl)

System tracks, as well as the new rubber-band track for military vehicles complement Diehl Defence´s product selection at the show.

The so-called segmented rubber band track 325B represents an innovation on the market of rubber band tracks.
Diehl rubber band tracks are provided with separation points so they can be disassembledinto four manageable segments.
Thus, assembly on the vehicle as well as transportation and storage are facilitated considerably. (Photo: Diehl Defence)

For more information about this technology, please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY 4/2012 and/or NAVAL FORCES II/2012, available at the show at 3P29.

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