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04 November 2015

D&S 2015 - Uconsystem Showcases UAV Offerings

Uconsystem is promoting its ISR solutions during this year's edition of the tri-service Defense & Security exhibition that is held in Thailand.

Founded in 2001, the company from South Korea has focused on developing and producing UAVs since its establishment and its current product line includes the RemoEye-002B and RemoEye-006A mini UAS. The RemoEye-002B is currently on order for the Republic of Korea Army which will get 120 systems according to Kwang Yong Kim, international marketing manager at Uconsystem. A battalion level asset, each system consists of a single GCS and four air vehicles with the RoK Army to receive around 500 of these mini UAVs,

Kim told MT during the event in Bangkok. This figure appears to include the purchase of a number of spare air vehicles in order to compensate for any attrition that might occur during operations with the new system. Kim also said that deliveries to the RoK Army commenced in October this year and will continue until 2019. Powered by an electric motor, the hand launched 3.4 kg RemoEye-002B has an operational range of 10 km and its endurance is given as 60 minutes. Equipped with an stabilized gimballed EO/IR camera featuring pan and tilt scanning capability, the air vehicle is recovered using an automatic air bag system. The larger battery powered RemoEye-006A weighs 6.5kg and has double the endurance of the RemoEye-002B. Having a range of 15 km, the air vehicle is launched using a bungee cord and upon its return the air vehicle will execute either an automatic parachute recovery or a belly landing. An older version of this particular system, the RemoEye-006, is in service with the Republic of Korea Marine Corps which received 12 air vehicles from 2009 according to Kim.

Present at D&S 2015 in an effort to pursue export sales, Uconsystem has had some export success before having sold nine GCS to the UAE in 2004. Kim revealed that the stations developed by his company are being used by the UAEAF to control missions with their Schiebel S100 Camcopter VTOL UAS.

Also part of the RemoEye series are the blended wing RemoEye-X7, the swept wing RemoEye-006B and the bigger RemoEye-015A, 015B which are tactical UAS. Meanwhile, Uconsystem's Remo-H M100 VTOL UAS design has a MTOW of up to 100kg. The company's range of multicopters includes the Remocoptor-005 (5kg), 010 (10kg) and 015 (15kg) while the T-Rotor series (010, 020, 030) are tethered systems that weigh between 10 and 30kg.
Pieter Bastiaans

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