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19 November 2015

MILIPOL 2015: HGH Captures Full Panoramic Imagery

At MILIPOL 2015, in Villepinte, French optronics specialist HGH Infrared Systems details its latest member of the famous SPYNEL family of wide-area surveillance sensors - SPYNEL-M. Benefitting from the firm's 15-year experience in the field of automatic intrusion detection and tracking systems, SPYNEL-M can close a significant capability gap due to its ability to be fixed on top of a building or quickly and discretely deployed on a light mast. MT was told by the company that it performs multi-event detection "over extremely large areas" and in total darkness. HGH's Director of Sales, Edouard Campana, informed MT that the new sensor, "best fits into the scheme," if critical infrastructures other than ammunition dumps or forward-deployed field camps must be protected against conventional and asymmetric threats. He named offshore installations like oil and gas rigs that, with HGH's SPYNEL-M, can easily be protected, with the sensor providing "early human intrusion alerts" over a 1.5km diameter area. "The (SPYNEL-M) sensor can interface with other sensors (acoustic gunshot detection devices, radars, seismic/magnetic sensors, fence vibration sensors, ECDIS/Electronic Charts Display Information System) to form a full-scale monitoring network", Campana noted.

HGH SPYNEL-M Infrared Radar for Wide Area Surveillance at MILIPOL 2015. (Photos: STN)

SPYNEL sensors generally benefit from a new automatic intrusion detection and tracking software named CYCLOPE. MT learned from HGH that the new software tool is unique as the detection and tracking algorithms are typified by an "ultra-low" false alarm rate. CYCLOPE runs on standard laptops or servers, according to the company, and the Graphical User Interface allows for user-defined layouts with an "unlimited number" of zoom windows (for threat recognition and displaying of multiple targets simultaneously), as well as panoramic, annular or radar views, which can be displayed on multiple screens. The radar view with 2D map overlay enables geolocation of the detected targets.

CYCLONE automatic intrusion detection and tracking software.

Stefan Nitschke

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