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19 November 2015

MILIPOL 2015: Rafael's Security Integrated Solutions (SIS) for Homeland Security and Protection of Strategic Assets and Infrastructure

Strategic assets such as power stations, oil and gas pipeline and rigs, ports and borders, are vulnerable to terrorist and criminal threats. Such infrastructures have a high economic and political value, and the low probability of detection of threats, due to the relative anonymity and the sensitive geographical location of these the infrastructure environments, makes them an attractive target. The potential immediate and long-term economic, environmental and political consequences that can emerge from an attack on such infrastructure, and the potentially high cost in human lives, requires governments and private organizations to forge an holistic approach, which will address the complexities of such challenges.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, as a designer and developer of multi-disciplinary, field-proven “system-of-systems,” is well-versed in complex large-scale integration and development of solutions for critical asset protection programs, both for Israel and for various countries around the world. Rafael's tailor-made solutions address its customer's requirements, after conducting an in-depth geographical review of the area, as well as analysis of all the major potential threats, including the motivation and the ability of an attacker to carry out hostile acts.

Rafael's PROTECTOR is one of the only combat-proven Unmanned Surface Vehicles in the world, in use by several Navies. Protector is an integrated naval combat system, based on unmanned, autonomous, remotely controlled surface vehicles. Highly maneuverable and stealthy, the PROTECTOR can conduct a wide spectrum of critical missions, without exposing personnel and capital assets to unnecessary risk.

The PROTECTOR's anti-terror mission module payload includes sensors and weapon systems. The search radar and the TOPLITE electro-optical (EO) pod enable detection, identification and targeting operations. PROTECTOR includes a less-lethal mission module that uses a high-power water cannon. The weapon systems are based on Rafael's TYPHOOn remote-controlled, stabilized weapon station, capable of operating various small caliber guns. The highly accurate, stabilized weapon station has excellent hit-and-kill probability. PROTECTOR is mission reconfigurable through its plug-and-play design, allowing utilization of various mission modules:

The data received from any given array of ground and air sensors is processed by Rafael's IMILITE Situational Awareness and Image Exploitation System, which keeps all security elements – from military personnel on the ground to Unmanned Airborne Vehicles (UAVs) in the air – connected, informed and synchronized in real-time. Rafael's IMILITE supports connectivity with Customer-defined sensors.

As an answer to the ever-growing threat of Cyber warfare, Rafael has recently announced the Cyber Dome – a one-of-a-kind holistic suite of Cyber defense solutions. The Cyber Dome is a comprehensive technology for complex Cyber problems that challenge current solutions. The Cyber Dome architecture is composed of multiple layers of defense solutions, starting from the traditional ones like firewalls, antivirus etc. and up to the most complex ones like unique technologies for handling multi-classification information.

Any chosen SIS solution must be able to deter the threat, detect, identify and manage it, and finally, provide the force with all the relevant information that, if necessary, will allow it to eliminate the threat effectively and swiftly, while minimising the potential risk to the engaging force.

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