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09 November 2015

Dubai Airshow 2015: AVIC Looking for Exports with FC-31, Z-19E

Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) is promoting its new, stealthy FC-31 multi-role fighter and an export version of the Z-19 light attack helicopter called the Z-19E during this year's edition of the Dubai Airshow.

Touted as a 5th generation, medium size fighter with a high performance-cost ratio, the single seat, twin engined FC-31 features a built-in weapons bay and has a combat radius of 1200 km according to data provided by AVIC. MTOW is given as 25,000kg with the aircraft being capable of achieving Mach 1.8. Maximum stores capability is 8,000kg with BVR air-air missiles being part of the aircraft's armament. Having a service life of between 6,000 and 8,000 flight hours, the FC-31 is said to be capable of conducting both counter air and counter land missions and should be able to cope with stresses between -3 to +9 G. AVIC also touts the FC-31' s information sharing capacity implying the aircraft has inherent netcentric warfare capabilities.

Meanwhile, the Z-19E is a 4.25t twin engined attack helicopters capable of deep attack, close air support and escort missions while it should also be able to deal with the threat posed by enemy helicopters according to information distributed by AVIC during the show. Fitted with a digital flight control system and an EWSP system, the Z-19E has a day and night observation and sight system with the aircraft's crew being equipped with a helmet mounted sight display system. The helicopter's payload is given as 892kg with Z-19E's standard fuel capacity being cited as 820 kg. The aircraft's maximum range is 656km when operating at sea level with its maximum endurance being four hours. Capable of reaching a maximum level flight speed of 245km/h, the Z-19E has a maximum climb rate of 8.3m/s. Take-off power is given as 626kW which equates to 840HP although this is believed to be for each of the aircraft's turboshaft engines. Fitted with a fenestron tail, Z-19E's maximum in ground effect (IGE) hovering ceiling is 3,600m, this figure being reduced to 2,900m when operating out of ground effect (OGE). AVIC held a briefing on the Z-19E and its capabilities for potential customers on Sunday with dignitaries from a number of Middle East armed forces being noted arriving at AVIC's chalet before the briefing kicked off.
Pieter Bastiaans 

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