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19 November 2015

NIVD 2015: DSM Partners with Airborne International

DSM Dyneema, the manufacturer of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibre, branded as Dyneema®, and a world leader in life protection materials and high-performance fibres, yesterday announced a partnership with Airborne International to develop and produce radomes featuring Dyneema Crystal Technology. With near-zero signal loss, Dyneema Crystal Technology is setting new standards for electromagnetic transparency, according to the company, as well as light weight, strength and hydrophobic performance. The partners will deliver next-generation radomes to companies including initial customer Pro Patria Electronics for its PGSR-3iFT Beagle tower-mounted ground surveillance radar.

The Pro Patria PGSR-3iFT Beagle, a tower-mounted ground surveillance radar manufactured by Airborne International featuring DSM Dyneema® Crystal Technology. (Photo Pro Patria Electronics)

DSM Dyneema is featuring Dyneema® Crystal Technology and its application in the Beagle radome at Airborne’s stand at the NIVD Conference in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Our tower-mounted ground surveillance radar faces tough, unrelenting challenges in the field,” said Miki Kohen, technical director of Pro Patria Electronics. “We needed a breakthrough radome design to support and enhance its capabilities and we found the ideal solution by working with Airborne and DSM Dyneema. Dyneema® Crystal Technology not only exceeded our high expectations for performance, but it also addressed a wide spectrum of challenges, from protection to portability. This unique material has the potential to transform our industry in a big way.”

The Pro Patria PGSR-3iFT Beagle is a tower-mounted radar used to detect, track and classifiy targets moving on or close to the ground. Designed for deserts and other harsh environments, it is a key component of sensor systems for early warning, border incursion prevention and threat recognition. The cylindrical radome developed by DSM Dyneema and Airborne for this application uses high-performance Dyneema® Crystal Technology in tape form and is approximately 1m in diameter and 1.2m in height.

According to DSM, Dyneema® Crystal Technology provides lower signal loss than any other radome material available today, with an extremely low loss tangent and approximately half the dielectric constant compared to aramid, e-glass and quartz. The electrical properties of the material maintain superior performance, even at higher frequencies from X band to millimeter band, allowing military, civil and telecommunications organizations to realize the full potential of their advanced antenna, radar, radio astronomy or communications systems. Further, because Dyneema® Crystal Technology offers an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and high impact resistance, it can be used in thinner gauges that enhance transmission quality even more. Its light weight also makes radomes more energy-efficient to ship and easier to maneuver and install. The material, which can be supplied as tape or fabric, is inherently hydrophobic without the need for time-consuming and demanding resin application. This property also virtually eliminates the need for regular maintenance.

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