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09 November 2015

IAI Unveils TERRA Dual Band Radar System

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) unveils TERRA, a dual-band radar system, for optimisation of early-warning, detection and accurate tracking of very long range targets, such as ballistic missiles, satellites and air-breathing targets. The TERRA, developed and produced by ELTA Systems, IAI's Subsidiary and Group, is comprised of the ULTRA UHF band radar (ELM-2090U), unveiled earlier this year, and the new ELM-2090S SPECTRA S-band very-long-range search and track radar.

TERRA's enhanced performance is achieved through automatic handover and redundancy between the ULTRA and SPECTRA radars, combined with improved target load sharing, Electronic Counter-Counter Measures (ECCM) and severe-weather resilience. (Photos: IAI)
The new SPECTRA Active Electronic Scanned Array (AESA) radar, which can also perform as a standalone system, is a transportable ground-based or shipborne radar system designed to autonomously detect and simultaneously track multiple tactical ballistic missiles. The SPECTRA provides high-accuracy target tracking, and real-time launch point and impact point estimations. The high-power GaN AESA technology implemented in the radar includes thousands of transmit/receive modules that provide high efficiency, reliability and graceful degradation.

The SPECTRA AESA provides high-accuracy target tracking, and real-time launch point and impact point estimations. 

"Ballistic and cruise missiles present a significant global threat to nations worldwide," Nissim Hadas, IAI Executive VP & ELTA President ,explained. "The TERRA system provides outstanding performance for its users for very long range early warning, detection and highly accurate tracking. It is designed to confront the full range of modern threats, as the new SPECTRA radar is based on the most advanced modern technology, and provides unique capabilities and excellent operational results, placing it among the best radars worldwide."

IAI's TERRA dual band radar system comprises the ULTRA UHF band radar (shown), and the new AESA ELM-2090S SPECTRA S-band.

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