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17 November 2015

MILIPOL 2015: RUAG Ammotec Unveils New .50-Calibre Family For More Penetration Power

Ammunition specialist RUAG Ammotec displays its new, full-scale family of .50-calibre (12.7x99) ammunition in Villepinte. The family consists of an armour piercing incendiary round (.50 Browning API SX weighing 44.5g); the 12.7x99 SR Solid SX that integrates with short-range tracer rounds; the 12.7x99 SR Solid Tracer SX; the .50 Browning HE SX projectile with long-range penetration capability; the .50 Browning Training SX (a 41.7g soft core training projectile extending the useful life of range targets); and a yet unspecified round currently under development. Sabine Brechbuehl, Senior Marketing Manager, told MT that the latter will minimise the risk of ricochets and backsplashes.

RUAG Ammotec displays its new, full-scale family of .50-calibre (12.7x99) ammunition at MILIPOL 2015.

All the rounds were developed for use in fully and semi-automatic weapons in service with military and law enforcement forces, offering superior accuracy in any operating environment. The latter is due to high-quality raw materials - copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) - used in the manufacturing process. As said at the company's stand, the .50 Browning API SX is the "most accurate armour-piercing incendiary round", with its temperature-independent propellant guaranteeing a consistent point of impact. WT learned that the projectile's core is composed of hardened steel, with an associated titanium (Ti) tip remaining intact during penetration. This effect will transfer extremely effective residual energy to the target that would ordinarily be shielded by light armour. The company describes the projectile's Ti tip as an ideal constituent due to the fact that the energy transfer converts it "into brightly glowing sparks", easily marking the point of impact for the spotter. According to Sabine Brechbuehl, the family's different rounds fulfill strict pollution control regulations.

Stefan Nitschke

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