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14 May 2014

AUVSI 2014: CAE Demonstrating Comprehensive UAS Training Solutions for Mission Success

At AUVSI 2014, CAE, on booth 1165, demonstrates its UAS Mission Trainer for pilots, sensor operators, and mission commanders. The CAE UAS Mission Trainer, which CAE will soon provide to the Italian Air Force for its PREDATOR training programme, is built on an open architecture to provide a comprehensive, platform-agnostic training system for any unmanned vehicle, any GCS, and any payload simulation in a fully immersive synthetic environment. The CAE UAS Mission Trainer features CAE's simulation technology in areas such as sensor simulation, electronic warfare, weapons effects, computer-generated forces, artificial intelligence, and common databases. Combined with CAE's training systems integration experience, CAE offers comprehensive UAS training solutions to help prepare the entire UAS mission team for mission success.

The CAE UAS Mission Trainer combines an open architecture with commercial-off-the-shelf hardware and simulation software that minimises the use of proprietary designs to provide a comprehensive, platform-agnostic training system. (Photo: CAE)

CAE is the prime contractor responsible for training USAF MQ-1 PREDATOR and MQ-9 REAPER aircrews, and at AUVSI highlights the classroom, simulator, and live flying instruction CAE provides for the USAF. Also available for discussion is CAE's partnership with General Atomics for comprehensive training solutions for their family of remotely piloted vehicles (RPA): The PREDATOR B, PREDATOR C AVENGER, PREDATOR XP, and MQ-9 REAPER.

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