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21 May 2014

ILA 2014: Air-to-Surface Precision Weapon for the TIGER Helicopter

Due to their low precision, unguided rockets can be used by helicopters only to a limited extent in current scenarios. Particularly in asymmetric missions, e.g. in urban environment, precision weapon systems are required to engage buildings, bunkers but moving single targets (e.g. lightly armoured vehicles, small sea targets) as well. Unlike conventional rockets, the new weapons are designed to provide mission abort capability.

Diehl 70mm GILA (Gaphics: Diehl)

To close this capability gap, Diehl Defence is offering the German customer the 70mm GILA (Guided Intelligent Light Armament) rocket for the TIGER support helicopter.

The proven technology of the semi-active laser (SAL) seeker detecting the laser radiation reflected from the target is used for engagement. For this purpose, the target is marked by means of a laser designator. If the helicopter has no laser designator on board, the task can be performed either by ground troops, e.g. the Joint Fire Support Teams (JFST) of the ISR Corps, or by NATO aircraft (e.g. EUROFIGHTER or unmanned air vehicles).

GILA is based on the Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket (GATR) of Diehl’s cooperation partner <rot>Elbit Systemsy<P>. If GILA were procured, Diehl Defence would receive extensive work shares, such as guidance-and-control unit as well as actuation-system production, guided-rocket final assembly, simulation software, helicopter integration and logistics. GILA can be fired without any modification from the TIGER's existing 70 mm launcher. The guided rocket is a fully developed product so that its qualification and integration into the TIGER helicopter could begin immediately. In conjunction with its partner Elbit Systems, Diehl Defence offers Army aviators various possibilities of providing the pilots with important functionalities, such as “lock-on before launch,” with little integration effort.

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