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15 May 2014

AUVSI 2014: Datron Receives Purchase Order For UAS

Even though they are not exhibiting at the show, Datron World Communications, a US-based leading supplier of unmanned solutions, has recently made the news by receiving a purchase order from a US military customer for small UAS (sUAS).

US military customer has issued a contract for immediate delivery of Datron’s VTOL sUAS. (Photo: Datron)

Our VTOL sUAS platforms are field tested and battle proven,” said Kevin J. Kane, President and CEO of Datron. “The capability being delivered with this order is setting the standard for intelligence gathering for the tactical operator.”

Small, rugged, and lightweight, these VTOL sUAS platforms are ideal for tactical users and designed to capture and transmit high quality video and images in the field. The VTOL vehicle has the ability to hover and stare at any point of interest. The GPS-based controller is fully software driven providing simplicity of training and a very easy to use experience for the operator.

Datron Unmanned Solutions delivers the following vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), man-portable, small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS):


The next generation sUAS system from Aeryon Labs extends the capabilities of the Aeryon SCOUT with increased flight time, dual EO and IR payload, HD video, and extended flight range. Utilising the same touchscreen flight control interface and proven autonomous flight control software as the SCOUT, the SKYRANGER sets the new operational standard for sUAS platforms, according to the company. The SKYRANGER is an individual carried, quad-rotor sUAS that streams high definition video and photography for infantry or dismounted soldiers conducting tactical surveillance operations. Built for ease of use in harsh and dynamic environments, including inclement weather with wind gusts up to 90kmh, the SKYRANGER’s advanced autonomous capabilities ensure reliable flight performance delivering immediate and actionable intelligence to the operator in the field. The system’s encrypted and low latency, all digital network allows the real time video feed to be streamed to multiple devices. With a 5km range and virtually silent operation, the SKYRANGER offers optimal viewpoints and provides eyes-on-target for tactical situational awareness. The folding and modular design of the SKYRANGER allows the operator to rapidly employ the system in tactical situations.

Aeryon SCOUT sUAS 

The SCOUT set the standard for VTOL sUAS performance, enhancing the visual overview capabilities of military, law enforcement, and commercial users around the world, according to Datron. The SCOUT is a small, rugged, and lightweight sUAS that captures and transmits high quality video and photography. The system is extremely quiet and difficult to spot, allowing for covert or overt operations in the field or urban environment as required. The modular design of the SCOUT allows for rapid mobility and seamless customization, from tool-less assembly to hotswappable payloads for varying mission needs. Gimbaled daylight and thermal cameras are available to meet specific application requirements.

In addition to VTOL unmanned aircraft solutions, Datron provides a comprehensive selection of reliable HF and VHF military voice and data radio products to meet the needs of customers in various locations worldwide.

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