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21 May 2014

ITEC 2014: Thales Consolidate New Collective Training System

Although initially unveiled at I/ITSEC in Florida last December, Thales chose ITEC 2014 in Köln this week to showcase the latest level of integration of its collective training system, aimed at providing users with a constructive simulation environment for multi-level tactical training.
The as yet unnamed collective training system (CTS) currently features three integrated modules – a dismounted simulation environment for dismounted small unit training, which features the Bohemia Interactive VBS2 system, a helicopter tactical trainer and a platoon command trainer, the latter two of which operate with Thales-developed computer generated forces.

Vincent Megaides, Business Line Strategy Director for Thales Training & Simulation sas, points out that the advantages of multi-level training, combined with the open architecture that characterises the CTS and its ability to accept COTS-based modules from a wide variety of niche suppliers to provide more horizontal integration make the CTS what the company believes is a ‘first to market’ solution. “The idea is to present a solution that addresses current concerns but is not necessarily only a Thales solution – the integration of other possibilities makes it a strong contender to be able to satisfy requirements from the users who have already seen some of the detail,” he said.

Developed as a private venture by Thales, with no specific target programme in mind, the ultimate benefit of the CTS to the several nations showing interest in it during ITEC must surely be its suitability to cater for one of the greatest (and arguably most difficult) functions demanded of modern integrated training systems – mission preparation and rehearsal. “There is no reason why the system as it is currently configured cannot address mission preparation – not just for generic mission preparation but, if required, perhaps also for rehearsal of specific missions. That is one of the aspects of the evolving ‘customer’ reality we have had in mind during development,” said Megaides.
Tim Mahon

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