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20 May 2014

ITEC 2014 + ILA 2014: CAE Medallion-6000 Ready for Training on RAF C-130J

As the quality and capability of advanced training systems moves further and further towards the Holy Grail of being able to provide mission training and rehearsal facilities in addition to the existing ability to master the platform (“fight the aircraft” rather than simply “fly the aircraft”), so the quality and fidelity of the components of simulators also move forward in leaps and bounds.
Thus a significant portion of the market available to the T&S community revolves around upgrading existing systems, providing additional capability, greater flexibility and better value for money already invested. CAE has a constant stream of initiatives in this regard and chose ITEC 2014 in Köln today (20 May) to announce its latest contract in the domain.

RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire is home to, among other units, both the C-130J Dynamic Mission Simulators operated by the Royal Air Force. The simulators are now ‘ready-for-training’ after a major visual systems upgrade that has integrated the company’s Medallion-6000 image generator and Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) projectors with a suite of new databases built to the Common Database (CDB) standard. CDB provides users with an open architecture that can be updated with extreme rapidity and empowers correlated, distributed mission training.

A new visual system has also been installed for the RAF’s C-130J Flight Training Device (FTD), which now also features the Medallion-6000 IG on a flat panel display systems.

Combining industry-leading image quality and feature flexibility with the power of current COTS graphic processors, the Medallion-6000 suite provides high resolution for enhanced fidelity, highe end sensor simulation and extremely relaitsic virtual environments and night scenes. In the RAF it is already in service on a number of platforms, including the Hawk 128 and Navy Lynx Mk 8 full mission simulators.

Wing Commander Dorian James, Officer Commanding XXIV Squadron RAF, said: “The impressive extent of the new worldwide terrain and airfield databases combined with the latest generation visuals will provide the Royal Air Force with world-class training at a level of fidelity unparalleled in military synthetic training equipment. Our C-130J Hercules aircrews are already talking of how the new visual systems make them feel far more immersed in the scenarios, which is allowing us to explore ways to expand the training we do with a view to increasing the use of simulation throughout our training curriculum.”

Tim Mahon

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