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21 May 2014

ILA 2014: Increasing Demand for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)

Throughout the world, UAS are one of the the fastest growing and one of the the most dynamic areas within the aerospace sector. A study of the market by the Teal Group in 2013 predicted that annual expenditure on UAS over the next ten years will more than double from U$5.2 to $11.6 billion.

The ILA Berlin Air Show 2014 is responding to this development with a special exhibition section focusing on UAS together with specialist conferences that is attended by leading figures in this field. Together, the central ILA Plaza and the UAS Pavilion form an exclusive area in Hall 3 for this major section of the ILA, providing a platform for product presentations and for a dialogue between industry, R&D, and also between decision-makers and users. So far more than 20 exhibitors from eight countries have registered for the UAS section with their unmanned aircraft.

The larger UAS, designed primarily for military deployment, are displayed on the central ILA Plaza, which features many major exhibitors: Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) from the partner country of this year’s ILA, Turkey, is exhibiting ANKA, a MALE UAS system; Airbus Defence & Space (DS) is presenting its entire range of UAS products at ILA; and Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH (ESG) is exhibiting its unmanned mission equipment platform (UMAT), which is already being successfully used to trial UAS and avionics systems. Of particular importance in this respect is the associated ground station, which enables all missions to be planned, monitored and observed live. The Bundeswehr will be represented on the static display with its UAS systems ALADIN, KZO, and LUNA, which have been operating highly effectively for several years.

At ILA 2014, attention is also focused on smaller UAS. A dedicated area in Hall 3 features the latest products, services and research findings from 18 UAS manufacturers, service providers and research institutes.

Visitors will be able to see smaller UAS with innovative propulsion systems, such as combined VTOL and fixed wing or cycloidal propulsion units. These systems provide the UAS with virtually unrestricted manoeuvrability and stability. UAS have a wide range of applications from the remote sensing of large and inaccessible areas to reconnaissance and support in the event of disasters, as well as the monitoring of important infrastructures with combined UAS systems, and the broadcasting of sporting events. The quadro or octocopters used for these purposes, together with their ground components and evaluation software, also form part of the display. <rot>ADCOM Systems<P> from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is also represented in the UAS section of the hall with a number of UAS models.

The UAS exhibition is being augmented by a UAS conference programme. A UAS panel focuses on the “Possible applications of UAS.” A further panel deals with research and innovation in the UAS field. The speakers consist of the representatives of domestic and foreign UAS manufacturers and of universities. At the UAS MIDCAS Conference the focus is on Detect & Avoid Systems and RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) Air Traffic Insertion.

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