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20 May 2014

ILA 2014: The EJ200 Engine - Benchmark for Excellence

The Eurojet Turbo EJ200 engine is one of the latest generation military turbofan engines in the 20,000lbf thrust class. It is designed to fulfil the most demanding requirements of a fighter aircraft, in particular the Eurofighter TYPHOON. The EJ200’s advanced technology delivers high thrust-to-weight ratio with a simple engine architecture. The EJ200 provides the power for the multi-role capability of the Eurofighter TYPHOON. The design of the engine allows for maximum availability and minimum operating costs throughout the life of the weapon system.

The EJ200 engine is considered to be the benchmark in the 20,000lbf thrust class military engine market. Eurojet provides the EJ200 engine with a significant export potential and an increasing number of countries are expressing serious interest. (Photo: Eurojet)

The EJ200 is a two-spool turbo-based fan with modular design. The wide-chord fan with integrally bladed discs (blisks) is light and aerodynamically efficient and possesses high levels of resistance to foreign object damage. The advanced aerodynamics employed in the fan allows optimum operation without the need for inlet guide vanes.

The origin of the Eurojet partnership lies in the collaboration of three European companies, Rolls-Royce, MTU Aero Engines, and Avio, in the development and production of the RB199 engine for the TORNADO aircraft.

The success of this earlier partnership, with a total fleet of more than 950 aircraft and approximately 6 million engine flying hours achieved, paved the way for future European collaboration programmes: Avio provides the low pressure (LP) turbine, reheat system, gearbox, and air/oil system; Industria de Turbo Propulsores (ITP) provides the exhaust nozzle, jet pipe, exhaust diff user, by-pass duct, and external dressings; MTU Aero Engines provides the low pressure (LP) and high pressure (HP) compressors and DECMU (Digital Engine Control and Monitoring Unit); and Rolls-Royce provides the combustion system, high pressure (HP) turbine and engine health monitoring system (EHMS).

On 7 June 2013, EUROJET Turbo, the European consortium behind the EJ200 engine project, celebrated the delivery of its 1000th EJ200 production engine. The landmark engine was assembled at the facilities of ITP in Madrid, Spain and delivered to the Spanish Air Force on 23 May 2013 to power the Eurofighter TYPHOON fleet.

The Eurojet consortium is responsible for the management of development, support and export of the new generation EJ200 engine system. Eurojet's shareholders comprise Avio (Italy), ITP (Spain), MTU Aero Engines (Germany), and Rolls-Royce (UK). The engine represents outstanding and innovative technology, which continually demonstrates exceptional performance in the Eurofighter TYPHOON. With its performance record, combined with multi-role capability and highest availability at low life-cycle costs, the EJ200 engine is perfectly set to meet the Air Forces' demands of today and the future.

EUROJET is contracted to produce over 1,500 EJ200 engines to power a total of 719 Eurofighter TYPHOON multi-role combat aircraft on order by seven nations. With 789 engines already in service in Eurofighter TYPHOON fleets operated by the Air Forces of Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain, Austria, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the EJ200 has amassed over 390,000 engine flying hours. More than 100,000 jobs in 400 companies are secured by the EUROJET and Eurofighter programme.

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