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21 May 2014

ILA 2014: Roketsan – Exhibiting Excellence at ILA 2014

Roketsan, a leading establishment of Turkey’s rocket and missile systems, is exhibiting precision strike weapons for next generation platforms at ILA 2014. Amongst its SOM high precision air-to-surface cruise missile and CIRIT 2,75” laser guided missile (both covered in the ILA International Defence Show Daily Day 1 –still available), Roketsan is also exhibiting the MIZRAK-U and MIZRAK-O.


MIZRAK-U, which was developed by Roketsan primary for use from attack helicopters, is an anti-tank missile system, highly effective against all armoured threats in the field. MIZRAK-U, with its maximum range of 8km and minimum range of 500m is capable of operating all weather conditions and day/night. The missile, which can be used in fire-and-forget and fire-and-update modes with the flexibility provided by its target update capability, offers to fire behind the mask position, fire against targets hiding behind mask and adjust hit point and damage assessment capability. MIZRAK-U, defined as the official anti-tank system of the T-129 ATAK Turkish attack helicopter under development, can be integrated to various platforms (helicopter, UAV, land vehicle, stationary platform, light assault aircraft, and naval platform).

The missile comes in two versions, one is the Turkish Antitank Missile - Long Range (TAM-LR - UMTAS), which is a long range anti-tank missile system primarily developed to operate from attack helicopter platforms; the other is the Laser - Turkish Antitank Missile - Long Range (L-TAM-LR - L-UMTAS). Both are equipped with state of the art technologies making it effective against all armoured threats of the modern battlefield.

Tactical characteristics include, day-night and all weather operational capability; fire-and-forget and fire-and-update operation modes; the capability of target update enables, fire behind mask, fire against targets hiding behind mask, accurate aim point adjustment, and damage assessment; tandem Warhead effective against all types of heavy armoured vehicles within 8km range; effective against stationary and moving targets; wide firing envelope allows off-boresight engagement; and insensitive munition characteristics against fuel fire and bullet impact.

Roketsan’s MIZRAK-O, with its 4km maximum range and 200m minimum range, can function in all weather conditions, day and night. MIZRAK-O, which can be used in fire-and-forget and fire-and-update modes, with the elasticity provided by its target update capability, offers possibilities to fire in covered position, to fire at targets behind cover, to point precisely and to evaluate the effectiveness of the hit, can be used against fixed and moving targets.

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