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13 May 2014

AUVSI 2014: L-3 WESCAM Airborne Surveillance and Reconnaissance

L-3 WESCAM has an airborne portfolio of multi-sensor, multi-spectral systems that are deployed worldwide, at varying ranges, and with overlapping fields-of-view, creating the opportunity for uninterrupted surveillance of boarders, forward operating bases, airfields and other vital assets. WESCAM’s imaging and targeting systems can be found on over 100 different types of platforms, including fixed-wing, rotor-wing, UAV and aerostat platforms. Within WESCAM’s product portfolio is a series of systems that encourage ease and familiarity of use, simplified turret interchangeability within fleets, efficiencies in technology enhancements and overall system support. Featuring common electronics and cabling, common user interfaces and video overlays, and common software and internal components, this family is known as WESCAM’s MX-Series. Because today’s mission requirements demand identification and designation from longer standoff ranges, the MX-Series has been engineered to focus on the three factors that drive Maximum Range: resolution, magnification and stabilization. As a result, each MX-Series turret in its class-size has outperformed its major competitor in every performance area, giving L-3 WESCAM the longest EO/IR target identification and designating ranges in the industry.


The WESCAM MX-10 was designed from the ground up with the latest MX-Series technology. The MX-10 delivers big MX-Series performance in a smaller turret package. (Photo: L-3 WESCAM)
Ideal for low-altitude Tactical Surveillance & SAR missions requiring low-weight: the WESCAM MX-10. (Photo: L-3 WESCAM)


WESCAM MX-15 (Photo: L-3 WESCAM)


The WESCAM MX-20 is one of the world’s most powerful HD designating turrets. Equipped with True HD 1080p technology, Enhanced Local Area Processing (ELAP) and a high level of stabilisation on all six sensors, the MX-20 delivers outstanding operational recognition, identification and targeting ranges in True HD resolution. (Photo: L-3 WESCAM)
Ideal for high-Altitude; Long-Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft and Persistent Surveillance missions: the WESCAM MX-20.  (Photo: L-3 WESCAM)


WESCAM MX-25 (Photo: L-3 WESCAM)

Airborne Targeting

WESCAM’s designating systems enables teams to dominate the battlefield 24/7, with greater precision than ever before. Field proven, with extensive deployment, WESCAM’s designating systems offer “plug-and-play” installation, and high-sensitivity multi-spectral sensors for day, low-light and night-time missions. High mean-time-between-failures (MTBFs) are achieved through a diode-pumped laser target designator, and systems offer precise GEO-Pointing technologies for hands-free simplicity regardless of aircraft movement or obstructions. The capability is here. Now is the time to invest in visual technologies that dominate enemy operations.

Ground Combat EO/IR Systems 

L-3 WESCAM offers a family of ground combat EO/IR systems scaleable to specific vehicle platforms. The High Definition (HD) systems provide an all-weather, fully stabilised, day/night 360° ability to conduct reconnaissance, surveillance, and above-armour targeting missions.

MX-10GS (Photo: L-3 WESCAM)

The compact low profile systems afford greater vehicle clearance and minimal system footprint. The 37lb MX-10GS, one of the lightest in its class, minimises impact on ever increasing vehicle weight constraints and allows for dismounted operations. It provides the vehicle commander the ability to observe, detect, and designate targets independent of the gunner primary sighting system and automatically slew the primary armament, handing off targets between target acquisition systems. The  range allows soldiers to identify targets well in excess of the platform weapon system range before threats enter the engagement area, increasing overall lethality and survivability.

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