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13 May 2014

AUVSI 2014: FLIR Systems Extraordinary Unmanned Vision

FLIR Systems is a world leader in electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) imaging systems. For more than 40 years, FLIR has pioneered IR systems of all types including airborne and maritime surveillance and targeting systems, land and vehicle combat sensors and sights, and handheld systems.

FLIR is a leading supplier of airborne laser target designation systems. FLIR's BRITE Star system set the standard for a new generation of long range systems. The BRITE Star II and BRITE Star DP provide the added reliability of Diode Pumped laser technology. BRITE Star II is the EO/IR targeting system used in the US Navy MQ-8B FIRE SCOUT, demonstrating FLIR's capabilities and commitment to providing the most advanced precision targeting systems to operational forces in the unmanned environment. (Photo: Northrop Grumman)

Since 1978, FLIR has delivered over 14,000 sensors and systems to over 75 nations on over 100 different types of fixed and rotary wing aircraft, and maritime platforms ranging from major surface combatants to riverine and special boats. FLIR has delivered tens of thousands of sensors for vehicle applications ranging from long range vehicle RSTA to driver’s vision enhancement, situational awareness, and vehicle weapons fi re control. From the RQ-11A/B RAVEN to the MQ-8B FIRE SCOUT, FLIR Systems has delivered thousands of sensors and systems to unmanned applications.

Based on the Star SAFIRE HD, one of the world’s first and only Full HD, all-digital multi-sensor systems, the Star SAFIRE 380-HD is a single- LRU system with FLIR’s Common Interface feature. With all the second generation HD technology and features of the Star SAFIRE HD, the 380-HD is interchangeable with other members of the Common Interface family for total installation flexibility. The Star SAFIRE 380-HLD is the first Full HD laser designation system, and uses FLIR’s SWIR technology. (Photo: FLIR Systems)

The company’s products are proven and qualified on all different aircraft types from piston to turboprop, from rotary wing to high performance jets.

The Star SAFIRE 260-HLD is a lightweight, gyro-stabilised nine inch turret that provides up to six payloads simultaneously, including diode pumped laser designation. The Star SAFIRE 260-HLD offers a solid military programme heritage in airborne, naval, and land vehicle installations. Star SAFIRE 260-HLD systems are suitable for all classes of applications and are fully MIL-SPEC qualified. (Photo: FLIR Systems)

FLIR Systems has furthermore developed robust EO/IR/LD components and systems to meet the most demanding and harshest environments experienced by UGVs. Commercially developed and military qualified (CDMQ), FLIR Systems’ long range and compact systems are an ideal solution and have been tested to the most arduous requirements for this emerging market.

The TacFLIR 230 provides maximum sensor range performance including a high resolution colour zoom TV camera with low light capability, a powerful 640x480 cooled MWR thermal camera with 10x zoom optics, and optional laser pointer. (Photo: FLIR Systems)

FLIR Systems is also a major EO/IR/LD supplier to the maritime surface vessel market. Their products are operational with the US Navy, US Coast Guard, Special Operations and Homeland Security and their counterparts throughout the world. Unmanned maritime applications are a natural fit for FLIR Systems’ equipment designed to withstand a harsh ocean environment.

Long Range Systems include, Star SAFIRE 380-HD, Star SAFIRE HD, Star SAFIRE III, and Star SAFIRE II.

Laser Targeting Systems include, Star SAFIRE 380-HLD, BRITE Star, and Star SAFIRE 260-HLD. ´

Compact Systems include the TALON and the TacFLIR 230.

The Star SAFIRE 380-HDc is the newest member of the Star SAFIRE HD family of interchangeable and digital, high definition, single LRU imaging systems providing a full spectrum of ISR capabilities. It supports the latest MIL-standards for clear imagery using metadata for sensor & target information. (Photos: FLIR Systems)

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