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22 May 2014

ILA 2014: Roketsan - Introducing Precision Strike Weapons for Next Generation Platforms

At ILA 2014, Roketsan is introducing a next generation weapon system designed to enhance the air-to-surface warfare capabilities of fighter aircraft. Defined as an autonomous, long range, low observable, all weather, high precision air-to-surface cruise missile, SOM will set the threshold higher among similar systems.

Roketsan's SOM fired from an F-35. (Graphic: Roketsan)

Roketsan’s SOM is designed for the use against heavily defended, anti-access and high value stationary targets, such as surface-to-air-missile (SAM) sites, exposed aircraft, strategic assets, and C2 centres, as well as moving land/surface (ASuW) targets. Under serial production, SOM is already in the inventory of the Turkish Air Force (TAF), integrated and certified on the F-4E/2020 and F-16 Block40 fighter aircraft platforms. Lately, SOM was used in the military Exercise “Pençe 2013” and reported to have shown great success. Roketsan is in cooperation-discussions with Airbus Defence & Space for the integration of the SOM on the Eurofighter TYPHOON platform. The SOM-J, a variant which will be integrated in the internal bay of F-35 JSF will be in service in late 2017, when the TAF will receive its initial platforms. The SOM-J Integration Programme is ongoing in cooperation with Lockheed Martin Aero and Tübitak Sage under contract signed with Turkish Ministry of Defence (TuMOD).


SOM high precision air-to-surface cruise missile showing great success during the military Exercise “Pençe 2013.” (Photo: Roketsan) ))
Technical Specifications of SOM

  • Maximum Range: 250km
  • Total Weight: 610kg
  • Warhead Type/Weight: Dual Stage Tandem Penetration, High Explosive Blast Fragmentation and Semi-Armor Piercing Warheads 
  • Guidance: INS/GPS/TRN/IBN/IIR Seeker + ATA
  • Target Types: SAM sites, Exposed aircraft, Strategic assets, Ships, C2 centers, Shelters, SAM sites
  • Platforms: Fighter Aircraft 

CIRIT Has Become a Trendsetter in its Class

Still being one of the only combat proven serial production 2,75” laser guided systems in the inventory of two different Armed Forces, the CIRIT missile, produced by Roketsan and exhibited at ILA 2014, is becoming well known amongst international Armed Forces. Its unique features gives the user extensive capabilities, as well as a cost effective solution. Easy integration, long range, high accuracy, insensitive capability, and minimum logistics brings CIRIT forward as a high-end product for helicopter requirements.

CIRIT 2,75” Laser Guided Missile 

CIRIT, designed as the main weapon system of T-129 ATAK Turkish attack helicopter, is being used by the AH-1W COBRA helicopter, AT-802 ARCANGEL Border Patrol Aircraft, and is also integrated on the EC635 Light Combat Helicopter. CIRIT, with its flexible architecture, also has a vehicle mounted weapon station, stationary/mobile weapon system, and naval stabilised platforms. Recently, CIRIT demonstrated full success eliminating a target at the range of 10km, beyond its maximum range.

The deliveries of CIRIT are ongoing as scheduled for both the Turkish Armed Forces and the UAE Armed Forces. Roketsan, in partnership with MBDA Deutschland, is also promoting CIRIT for the EC665 TIGER Combat Helicopter (UH-TIGER) in the inventory of the Bundeswehr.

CIRIT 2,75” Laser Guided Missile

Technical Specifications of the CIRIT 2,75” Laser Guided System 

  • Diameter: 2.75" (70mm)
  • Maximum Range: 8km
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Propellant Type: Insensitive HTPB based solid composite propellant
  • Warhead Types: Insensitive Multi-Purpose Warhead (armour piercing, personnel, incendiary) or High Explosive Warhead 
  • Guidance: Mid-Course Guidance with MEMS-IMU, Terminal Guidance with Semi-Active Laser Seeker
  • Target Types: Light armoured / unarmoured vehicles, stationary and moving targets, bunkers
  • Platforms: Attack/Light Attack Helicopters, UAV, Land Vehicles, APCs, Light Combat Aircraft, Naval Platforms and Stationary Platforms
  • Users: Turkish Armed Forces, United Arab Emirates (UAE) Armed Forces 

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