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21 May 2014

ITEC 2014: Rheinmetall Training Systems for RAF A400Ms

Rheinmetall has been contracted by Airbus to provide a Cargo Hold Trainer Enhanced (CHT-E) rear crew and third user group training aid for the Royal Air Force’s A400M military airlifter. Scheduled to be operational in early 2016, the CHT-E installation in the UK follows one already available for training since September 2013 at the Airbus Military International Training Centre in Seville, Spain. In addition, the German Air Force will receive a CHT-E for operations at Air Transportation Wing 62 in Wunstorf in mid-2015.

CHT-E provides users with practical, tangible training tasking in a realistic environment across all ground operations and a significant number of flight disciplines. Based on a full-seized cargo hold with fully functional loadmaster controls and systems, the trainer will cater for initial and refresher training alike as the aircraft comes into service.

The flexibility that a synthetic trainer provides – the implementation of multiple training objectives for multiple crews without necessitating the use of ‘live’ aircraft – will be of particular benefit to the A400M community, which expects the utility of its aircraft to be significantly stretched from its initial introduction to service.

Rheinmetall has also provided Loadmaster Working Station (LNWST) training aids for the A400M, both for the Airbus Military International Training Centre in Seville and the French A440M National Training Centre at Orléans. The RAF will also receive an LWST at Brize Norton in the third quarter of 2014, with the German Air Force following suit in mid 2015.
Tim Mahon

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