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13 May 2014

AUVSI 2014: Introducing Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

Aselsan's LEVENT Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) is a genuine product for remote operation of homeland security applications that require port and critical infrastructure security. Thanks to its modular structure which consists of a wide variety of payloads, LEVENT can be used in various missions, such as reconnaissance-surveillance activities, emergency actions and communication transmission purposes. Having autonomous cruising and tele-operation capabilities, LEVENT can safely operate over a speed of 30 knots even beyond line of sight. LEVENT's modular components are designed to provide smooth integration on the standard boats which are in use.

Aselsan's LEVENT USV features a highly maneuverable RHIB platform usable manned/unmanned in three modes of operation: on-board, tele-operation and autonomous; and transportable or settled via an operator control unit. (Photo: Aselsan)


The KNIFEFISH UUV, a specialised BLUEFIN-21 UUV, that will be added to the Littoral Combat Ship's mine countermeasures mission package in 2017, has entered into the engineering and manufacturing development phase after completing a critical design review in January that included significant risk-reduction measures. The US Navy and the KNIFEFISH contracting team put it through extensive component and subsystem testing leading up to and as part of the CDR to reduce risk in key pieces of technology, such as the propulsion system in the tail cone and the Low Frequency Broadband synthetic aperture sonar. KIFEFISH is under development by General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems and Bluefin Robotics.

(Photo: Bluefin Robotics)


Saab has signed a contract with an undisclosed customer on delivery of the AUV62 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle systems, for Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW) training,, for SEK 148 million. System deliveries will take place during 2014.

The AUV62 is an advanced and highly modern Autonomous Underwater Vehicle available in several different configurations and already selected by a number of customers. Equipped with an acoustic payload it is an advanced and capable system for cost-efficient training of a Navy’s ASW forces. The AUV62 is an artificial acoustic target that mimics a submarine in a way that is compatible with any torpedo- and sonar system on the market today. The AUV62 system fully replaces the use of a submarine in the role as a manoeuvring training target. Equipped with a Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) payload it is an efficient system for Mine Search, Reconnaissance and Seabed Mapping.

With the AUV62, Saab offers a state-of-the-art Autonomous Underwater System for demanding customers investing in the future. (Photo: Saab)

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