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14 May 2014

AUVSI 2014: Faun Trackway’s Modular UAV Landing Mat

Faun Trackway USA, a leading manufacturer of portable roadways and runways, is showcasing its UAV Landing Mat at the show.

First launched in autumn 2011 as a temporary airfield for drones, the mat can also be used as a platform for remotely-operated helicopters, meaning that forces need only invest in one UAV landing system.

UAV Landing Mat is made of lightweight aluminium matting and provides a temporary smooth landing, regardless of terrain, for any size or weight of UAV.

Faun Trackway UAV Landing Mat (Photo: Faun Trackway)

It can be rapidly deployed by hand to prevent foreign object damage (FOD) in challenging environments. Arrestor gear can also be fitted to allow aircraft to quickly decelerate on landing and stop them overshooting the runway.

The Australian Armed Forces were the first to invest in the UAV Landing Mat, placing an order worth U$1.2 million in December 2011 only a few months after its launch.

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