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29 March 2012

Ceradyne Exhibiting the MOHAWK Boltless Combat Helmet at DEFEXPO

Ceradyne, amongst other advanced technical ceramic products and components, exhibits their MOHAWK (MOdular HArd Wired Kitted) combat helmet concept, is a collaboration between Ceradyne and Wilcox that brings the powered rail idea to the top of your head.
The helmet consist of a seamless and boltless construction. No holes through the helmet means more structural integrity and fewer pathways for ballistic penetration. It is integrated & subdermal, multi-conductor wiring system powers head-born equipment with one battery source.
Built in NVG shroud with integral flashlight and flash memory based video recording system.
Components of the Wilcox Mission Recording System are laid directly in to the helmet’s ballistic material layers.

For more information about this technology, please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY 3/2012 and the MILITARY TECHNOLOGY DEFEXPO

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