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26 March 2012

Diehl Focuses on Naval Technologies at DIMDEX 2012

At the Qatar National Convention Centre in Hall 5, Diehl Defence is showcasing a cross-section of its products for naval and land forces ranging from surveillance systems, guided missiles, ammunition solutions and fuzes to air defence systems.

Diehl´s SIMONE Infrared Surveillance System is capable of early detection of threats to ships by pirates and terrorist attacks. The system demonstrates its strength particularly in harbours and near the coast where ships can be attacked from the water and land and conventional radar systems rapidly reach their limits. SIMONE was ordered by the German Navy for its new Frigate F 125 class vessels. A stationary system for coastal surveillance is also available.

SIMONE Infrared Surveillance System (Photo: Diehl)

Diehl´s missile competence is underscored by the RBS 15Mk3 heavy anti-ship missile as the main armament of the new German Corvette K 130 and the ORKAN-class speed boats of the Polish Navy.

Modern ammunition solutions like the 40mm infantry ammunition, operative in the Qatar Army, and smoke agents such as the Floating Smoke Pot, employed by the USMC, provide effective protection improving operational capabilities of armed forces. Compared to conventional ammunition, Diehl´s 40mm ammunition offers two important advantages: Its insensitive explosive reduces the effects of enemy fire and its pyrotechnical self-destruction device ensures that soldiers and civilians are not endangered by duds after conclusion of combat activities.

40mm infantry ammunition (Photo: Diehl)

Finally Diehl Defence is offering armed forces an entire air defence system based on the new IRIS-T SL (surface-launched) guided missile. The highly mobile and all-terrain capable, medium-range IRIS-T SLM (Surface-Launched Medium Range) sets new standards in air defence by providing comprehensive 360° protection against air attacks by aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles and guided weapons.

IRIS-T SL (Graphic: Diehl)

For more information about this technology, please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY 3/2012

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