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31 March 2012

The US Army Can Now take Advantage of International Sales

Raytheon Company's modernized PATRIOT Air and Missile Defense System successfully fired two PAC-3 missiles to engage a tactical ballistic missile (TBM) at White Sands Missile Range, NM/USA. This is the first time PAC-3 missiles have been fired from a new-production PATRIOT system.
This test comes on the heels of the successful system-level guided flight test of the new-production Patriot system on March 21 and the successful test of the first ground-up production GEM-T missile (Guidance Enhanced Missile-Tactical) announced in October 2011.

The UAE is helping to take the PATRIOT missile system into the digital age by funding a wide-ranging modernisation programme. As a result of its 2008 contracts, worth US$3.8 billion, for the missile defence system, the Emirates is playing a major role in upgrading the US missile defence system, including paying the bulk of a $400 million development fund provided by customer nations. The improvements include replacing analogue radar equipment with a digital radar processor, and the use of the new "Modern Man" control centre.

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