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29 March 2012

SELEX Galileo showcases Electronic Warfare, Radar, UAS, and EO at DEFEXPO

SELEX Galileo, a Finmeccanica company, showcases its technologies in Electronic Warfare, Radar, UAS and Electro-Optics.
With the recent establishment of SELEX Galileo India Private Limited, the company has expanded its footprint in India in order to further develop longstanding collaborations and relationships with Indian companies to become an effective and committed player in the market.

At DEFEXPO, SELEX Galileo is also exhibiting a number of its unique technologies which support many of India’s emerging operational needs. With the company’s commitment to having Indian partner companies assemble, integrate and test its products in-India, SELEX Galileo can help meet India’s key aspiration to develop an effective and capable defence manufacturing sector.

We’re working with Indian research organisations to insert leading-edge elements of our technologies into their products and with Indian manufacturers to help put them together,” said Fabrizio Giulianini, CEO of SELEX Galileo, adding; “By combining the advanced capabilities of Indian industry with our internationally recognised technologies we can continue to leapfrog the market and support the Indian armed forces with the very latest equipment.

At the show, SELEX Galileo is promoting its Electronic Warfare (EW) products such as the combat-proven HIDAS Defensive Aid Suite for helicopters, a system which includes our Aircraft Gateway Processor (AGP) which is now part of the standard fit on the APACHE AH-64. The company is also highlighting its next-generation ELINT system SAGE, which the company believes is ideally suited to meeting the needs of India’s RUSTOM-2 MALE UAS. SELEX Galileo is also promoting its SEER Radar Warning Receiver, which is designed to protect a wide variety of airborne platforms from enemy threats.
SEER is a "cost effective way to add capabilities for India’s HAWK Advanced Jet Trainer," said Brendan Nolan, Head of UK & Strategic Campaigns EW Marketing & Sales. "We are building a foundation for the future in India," he continued.

SELEX Galileo is celebrating the success of their MIRACH 100/5 aerial target drone, which is currently under order by the DRDO following many years of successful operations at their integrated test range at Chandipur. 
"India is one of the top customers outside of NATO," according to Fabrizio Boggiani, VP Marketing & Sales Air Systems, UAS & Simulators.

SELEX Galileo is also promoting its portfolio of mini and micro UAS,  including the CREX B, designed for Special Operational and Tactical Forces’ intelligence missions, and the quad-rotor DRAKO.

For more information about this technology, please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY 3/2012 and the MILITARY TECHNOLOGY DEFEXPO

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