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29 March 2012

Elbit Systems Presenting Cutting Edge Solutions and Next Generation Systems for the Future Battlefield at DEFEXPO 2012

Elbit Systems features a variety of its next-generation systems at the show’s Israeli Pavilion, Booth 11.10B. A broad array of the company's capabilities demonstrating full system interoperability is demonstrated via a new and impressive multimedia presentation. Visitors to the booth have an excellent opportunity to view displays, live demos and media presentations of Elbit’s core technologies and cutting-edge solutions.
The new multimedia presentation, “Fire Support in Action” features a live combat scenario demonstrating how Elbit’s products and systems, focusing on its artillery and mortar arrays, provide ultimate fire support and self-protection for manoeuvring forces in closing sensor to shooter loops. The presentation allows viewers to experience a dynamic "live" combat mission with dramatic special effects, replicating how the systems work in fully realistic views.
Like previous Elbit Systems’ presentations, which have won prestigious international awards for their innovative approach, this one is just as memorable and exciting.

Digital Army Programme (Photo: Elbit Systems)

Among the systems participating in the presentation are: ATHOS and ATMOS artillery, CARDOM Mortars, 30mm unmanned turrets (UT), Precision Guided Munitions (PGM),  HERMES 900 and SKYLARK I-LE UAS, Combat NG, IR CENTRIC, ENGAGER, PAWS, DIRCM and more.

A Display of Future Soldier Solutions via the DOMINATOR Integrated Infantry Combat System (IICS) is also presented. The DOMINATOR is an integrated infantry combat system that enables full situational awareness from the infantry battalion level down to the individual soldier. As part of the solution Elbit is showcasing the following advanced EO systems: LILY-S (an un-cooled lightweight Short-range Thermal Weapon Sight (STWS) and monocular camera for small arms), CORAL and CORAL-CR & Mini Atlas (a hand-held thermal imaging camera with targeting capabilities and precision electronic goniometer), PLLD (a portable lightweight laser designation system for day/night laser designation to stationary or moving targets), COYOTE45/75  (a very lightweight, un-cooled, medium-range thermal imaging scope), and more.

CORAL CR + Mini ATLAS (Photo: Elbit Systems)

Military Communications Systems and Radios are also exhibited including Elbit Systems’ C4I software solutions by Tadiran Communications, Tadiran SDR-7200, Tadiran SDR-7200 HH, Tadiran PNR-1000A, MIPR (Military IP Radio), MRS-R, GRX-4000 (is a latest generation dual-band high-capacity line-of-sight (HCLOS) broadband radio relay system), and Bro@dnet (a fully-operational, battle-proven military wireless infrastructure solution that enables secure broadband communications, integrating all echelons of the military).
Furthermore interest lies in Solutions for Armoured Fighting Vehicles, including EoShield (a Vehicle IR Countermeasures system that provides "soft protection" against anti-tank ground missiles) and a showcase of Elbit System-Kinetics (Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), Life Support System (LSS) and Individual Crew Cooling System (ICCS)).      
Elbit Systems, a leading provider of high performance turnkey UAS solutions, including advanced air vehicles, ground control stations and intelligence management centers is of course also showcasing these at the show (SKYLARK I-LE (Long Endurance) is presented in its full size, the others in 1:10 scale), as well as SIGINT Payloads for UAS including EMERALD AES-210V (ELINT) and SKYFIX (COMINT).
That said, Electronic Warfare and SIGINT by Elisra are also a feature of Elbit’s booth, as are Avionic Products and Electro-optics for  Airborne Platforms.

HERMES 900 (Photo: Elbit Systems)

For more information about this technology, please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY 3/2012 and the MILITARY TECHNOLOGY DEFEXPO SPECIAL ISSUE, available at the show.

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