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29 March 2012

Thales at DEFEXPO

A first rate partner for the Indian Forces, Thales is exhibiting a wide range of equipment for Land, Naval and Air Forces at Defexpo 2012, in various fields such as Air Defence, Optronics and Communications, on the French Pavilion, at stand 12.2L.

For more than 40 years, Thales has been developing, manufacturing and providing top of the line Air Defence Solutions for customers worldwide. During the showthe group demonstrates its capabilities in the field of Global Air Defence Solutions, Force Protection, Missile Systems and Rocket Systems by showcasing:

  • SHIKRA 60 tactical C2 to ensure a complete airspace surveillance of up to a range of 80km and heterogeneous weapon systems coordination
  • ADES mobile Short Range Air Defence system
  • The latest generation Air Defence Gun to defeat emerging low-cost targets
  • SAMP/T European, in-service, Medium Range Air & Missile Defence solution
  • LMM new family of Lightweight Multi-Role Missiles
  • Laser Guided Rocket in 70mm calibre

Thales develops a comprehensive range of optronic equipment aimed at evaluating critical situations at a tactical and strategic level. Thales is a European leader in night vision systems, whose equipments are used by tactical units, Special Forces and aircraft and helicopter pilots. On the booth, the following is exhibited:

  • CATHERINE XP, a Compact high-performance thermal imager
  • SOPHIE XF, a Multifunction hand-held thermal imager with continuous optical zoom
  • HELIE, Helicopter Light Intensified equipment
  • DAMOCLES, a 3rd Generation multi-function Targeting pod

Thales offers a comprehensive tactical radio portfolio covering armed forces needs from large networked command posts down to dismounted soldiers, providing multi-media operational services (voice, data, video, image, …) and ensuring security, survivability, mobility, interoperability and quality of service. Presented are tactical radios including FlexNet One, LOS (TRC 4000), HF (TRC 3700), Starmille, Fastnet-Twin
As for identification systems, ithe BLUEGATEIFF family provides a full range of identification products and systems for Air, Land, Naval and Joint Forces. The following products are showcased:
LORAD & V/SHORAD IFF Interrogators, airborne IFF, Combined Interrogator-Transponders & airborne IFF Transponders.

As for Naval Systems and Naval Electronic Warfare, Thales has been a long-term partner for more than 50 Navies worldwide, providing customers with innovating offerings, from system design to through-life support. During Defexpo, Thales illustrates some of its know how in:

  • Underwater Systems, including the Flash sonar mock up, a specialised surveillance and classification sonar for helicopters and USVs
  • Above Water Systems, including the SMART-L mock-up, an Extended Long Range radar
  • Naval Electronic Warfare with VIGILE LW, a Naval Radar Electronic Support Measures system to redefine situational awareness for small vessels.

Thales has been operating in India since 1953, participating in the creation of Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL). The Group’s permanent representative office in Delhi has been operating since 1970. Over recent years, Thales has stepped up its presence in India, setting up several new wholly owned local companies. The Group now has a total workforce of 300 people on 8 sites and has become a trusted partner in the three branches of the Indian Armed Forces.

For more information about this technology, please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY 3/2012 and the MILITARY TECHNOLOGY DEFEXPO SPECIAL ISSUE, available at the show.

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