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29 March 2012

General Dynamics' Presence at DefExpo 2012

General Dynamics(GD) presents the breadth of their capabilities in the defence and security sectors at DefExpo 2012 on Stand 14.24 in Hall 14, with displays of combat vehicles and systems, security and surveillance systems, battlefield management and tactical communications systems, toughened laptop computers and a variety of other specialised products and services that are responsive to the requirements of India’s national security and defence.

The GD business units present at the show are:
GD United Kingdom Limited (GDUK), GD Land Systems (GDLS, including Force Protection), GD European Land Systems (GDELS), GD C4 Systems (GDC4S), GD Canada (GDC), and AxleTech International.

GDUK is showcasing its successful C4I programmes delivering the Tactical Internet to the UK and allies, which is of interest to the Indian Army for its BMS programme. It is also demonstrating its capability in providing surveillance and EO for border and coastal security, as well as airfield security systems.
GDLS is showing the Futuristic Light Armored Vehicle, and newly acquired GDLS - Force Protection’s Light Mine Protected OCELOT vehicle, which enters UK service as FOXHOUND later this year.
GDELS introduces the M3 Amphibious Bridge/Ferry System and the new EAGLE light tactical armored vehicle to India. M3 is one of the world’s most modern, most efficient and fastest amphibious bridging and ferrying equipment in terms of loading capacity, construction time, cross-country and marine maneuverability.

The new EAGLE is available in two configurations, 4x4 up to 10t GVW and 6x6 up to 15t with a capacity of 2+12 soldiers. 
The new EAGLE is a high protected vehicle with superior mobility and superior payload in its class. (Photo: GDELS)

GDC4S is showcasing its rugged computing and networked communications products, which help users create their own networks in remote locations, send SAR data, and provide highly dependable line-of-sight communications.
GDC showcases its command, control and communications products and systems for land combat platforms, including its Smart Displays and its MESHnet Tactical Mobile Router. It will also be demonstrating its sonobuoy processing system for detecting underwater threats and its Airborne Mission Management System.
AxleTech International, GD’s custom drivetrain and suspension systems business, is showing its Independent Suspension Axle Systems (ISAS), which are appropriate for military vehicles requiring high mobility and maneuverability.

For more information about this technology, please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY 3/2012 and the MILITARY TECHNOLOGY DEFEXPO SPECIAL ISSUE, available at the show.

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