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30 March 2012

Photographic Recap of DEFEXPO Day Two

Claus Günther, President Diehl Defence explaining his company's presence in India to Lt.Gen. Bruno Kasdorf, Deputy Chief of German Army Staff

Philippe Burtin, Chairman and CEO of Nexter Systems

Controp's Intruder Detection System SPIDER

IMI's IRON FIST Active Protection System

Rafael's solution to good business is building relationships

According to Hugh Thomas Assistant Director India UKTI Defence & Security Organisation, the UK's approach "is all about long term partnerships."

Elbit Systems' DOMINATOR

Cassidian's CAPTOR EWFoR Wide Field of Regard AESA Radar for the EUROFIGHTER


Renault Trucks Defence SHERPA SCOUT Light

Aselsan's Night Vision Portfolio

High Visit at Russia's T-90S

IWI's TAVOR TAR Assault Rifle

Exelis' Communication Expertise

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