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05 March 2012

D&S 2012 First Impressions

The Israeli Pavillion, under the umbrella of Sibat, features technology and innovation from Gilat Satellite Networks, Israel Military Industry (IMI), Netline Communications Technology, New Noga Light (2000) (a Star Defense Systems Company), Nimda, NSO Group, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, and Verint Systems.
Ranging from state-of-the-art gear equipping soldiers with EO and NV for weapons and gear, to intelligence and surveillance solutions and C-IED systems, Israel's defense and security industry provides the region with some of the most sophisticated systems for defense.

Rafael's presence in Bangkok

At D&S 2012 Pluto Networks represents Photonis, a global leader in low light level and other charged particle detectors and Flir Systems, a global leader in sensor systems that enhance perception and awareness in the form of advanced thermal imaging and threat detection systems are used for a wide variety of imaging, thermography, and security applications, including airborne and ground-based surveillance, condition monitoring, research and development, manufacturing process control, search and rescue, drug interdiction, navigation, transportation safety, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring, and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE) detection. Pluto Networks also represents Bumar, a leading supplier and exporter of armaments and military equipment manufactured in the Polish defence industry.
The German presence at D&S Bangkok features Atlas Elektronik (exhibiting the SEA OTTER MkII, Integrated Mine Countermeasures System (IMCMS), AWS, and SEA SPIDER Anti-Torpedo Torpedo), Diehl Defence (exhibiting their full portfolio, including HPEM, IDAS, IRIS-T, Diehl Tracks and more), Plath (solutions is strategic intelligence for conflict avoidance and tactical intelligence for conflict handling), Rheinmetall (the Simulation and Training business unit exhibiting the Combat Training Centre and Reconfigurable Naval Training), and Rhode & Schwarz' secure communications for joint and combined missions.
Diehl Defence's extensive track portfolio

Atlas Elektronik's Integrated Mine Countermeasures System (IMCMS) and SEA OTTER MkII

The Ukroboronprom State Concern and Ukrspecexport State Company display products made by the Ukrainian defense sector at D&S 2012. Ukraine's potential partners in the Asia-Pacific region are able to inspect advanced armored and naval equipment, precision weapons, electronic surveillance systems, and heat-seeking missile defense systems. On display are the BTR-3E1 and BTR-4 APCs, as well as the MT-LB armoured towing vehicle. In addition, the country shows off its SKIF portable antitank guided missile launcher, ADROS station for optical-electronic suppression, KOLCHUGA radars, small amphibious hovercraft of the ZUBR-type and GIURZA armoured riverboats.

 The Royal Thai Army is willing to buy 121 BTR-3E1 APCs

Ukraine's Kharkiv-based Morozov Design and Engineering Bureau, the Kharkiv Engine Design Bureau named after Malyshev, the Kyiv-based Luch State Design Bureau, and the Kyiv Mechanical Repair Plant, which belong to the Ukroboronprom concern, are taking part in the exhibition.
Pakistan Ordnance Factories exhibits their Personal Load Carrying Equipment (PLCE) at D&S Bangkok, which includes a hydration system, a detachable small field pack.

For more information about this technology, please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY 3/2012, available at the Mönch booth A06.

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