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06 March 2012

IMI Showcasing Their Expertise at D&S 2012

Israel Military Industries (IMI) showcases its MPRS (Multi-Purpose Rifle System), improving the individual soldier's performances and operational flexibility in modern digital battlefield. The MPRS is a personal fire control system that first measures the range to the target before completing a variety of other calculations. The correct red dot aiming point is displayed on the system's eye piece in the right elevation necessary for an accurate shot, and then automatically sets the time delay fuse in the grenade to activate it just before impact at a preset altitude over the target. The fuse of the advanced 40mm grenade can also be set to explode at a preset delay after an impact, for example to enable penetration of a relatively soft target such as a window.

The MPRS replaces existing sights. A controller on the clip allows the user to operate the system without having to interrupt the weapon’s operation. A communications unit handles the interface between the sight and the armament, allowing operational data to be transmitted. The recoil absorption mechanism is designed in order to support high-momentum firing to increase maximum range.
The programmable munitions comes in multiple detonation modes, Air Burst for maximum lethality, target around corners and target behind protective barriers; Point Detonation; Time Delayed Detonation; and Self Destruct.
The First Generation is currently with the IDF and a smaller Second Generation is under development.

Among further products on display at D&S 2012 is the MPR 500, a multi-purpose weapon, with identical form & fit of the Mk-82 bomb. Optimised for operation against challenging targets, including reinforced concrete structures, the enhanced performance offered by IMI's MPR-500 making heavier general purpose weapons such as the 1,000 and 2,000lbs bombs redundant, thus also substantially enhancing aircraft carriage efficiency and increasing the number of targets engaged on a single sortie. Furthermore, the weapon significantly reduces collateral damage and as such, enables closer air support to friendly forces.
Furthermore the Bi-Modular Artillery Charge System (BMACS), which is designed to replace all existing 155mm artillery bag charges, all differing in size, shape, weight, and nature of propellant. IMI's 155mm chrage system incorporates symmetrical and identical Top Charge Module (TCM) and Botton Charge Modules (BCM), which are interoperable with all 155mm gun systems.
IMI has transferred technologies, expertise, training, and machinery to the Thai Armed Forces explosive factory, for use with the Royal Thai Army.

For more information about this technology, please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY 3/2012, available at the Mönch booth A06.

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