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30 March 2012

Turkish Defence Products Attracting Visitors at FIDAE

The Turkish defence industry under the leadership of the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) is participating at FIDAE 2012. Seven defence companies, Aselsan, Roketsan, MKEK, Gate Elektronik, Sarsilmaz, TISAS, and BTT, known for advanced capabilities on rocketry and missiles, air defence systems and electronics, demonstrate their field-proven products at FIDAE 2012. The SSM, the Turkish MoD, and the procurement agency of Turkey are leading and supporting the Turkish defence industry.

Aselsan, specialised on defence electronics, is focusing on air defence systems at the show. The company is exhibiting its Pedestal Mounted Air Defence System (PMADS), 3D X-band Air Defence Radar, and the Air Defence C2 System. Aselsan selected FIDAE to exhibit its total air defence portfolio at an international exhibition for the first time. Currently, the company is running almost all air defence programmes in Turkey, including the 35mm Self Propelling Air Defence Gun System, and the Low and Medium Level Air Defence Missile Systems. Aselsan’s PMADS is in extensive use by the Turkish Army, Air Force and Navy, as well as global customers. At FIDAE, Aselsan is also exhibiting its Ground Surveillance and Fire Adjustment Radar System, EO and communication products.

Aselsan's PMADS on Different Platforms (Graphic: Aselsan)

MKE is one of the main suppliers of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) , having a large range of products, with exports to more than 70 countries.
With its ten modern factories, MKE keeps its range of products in four main groups: ammunition, rockets, weapons, and explosive/powders and pyrotechnics.

Roketsan Missiles Industries was established in 1988 to lead national rocket and missile research and production programmes.
Today Roketsan is serving domestic and foreign customers and users with its personnel, engineering power, and private sector dynamism in modern facilities.
The main activities of Roketsan in the rocket/missile design and development (D&D) area are in system design, modelling and simulation, guidance-control hardware and software, propulsion systems and warhead, mechanical, structural and thermal design, advanced material technologies, and engineering support to production programmes.
The main activities in weapon systems D&D are; launcher system design, development and modernisation, electromechanical/hydraulic cradle systems, hardware & software for command systems, logistical support equipment, flight simulation and trajectory planning software, and the development of fire control software.
At FIDAE, Roketsan displays and gives details of the following systems:

  • T-107 Rocket,
  • T-122 Rocket,
  • T-300 Rocket,
  • 2.75” Laser Guided Missile,
  • Long Range Anti Tank Missile (UMTAS), 
  • Medium Range Anti Tank Missile (OMTAS), 
  • DSH Anti Submarine Warfare Rocket, and
  • 2.75” Laser Guided Missile and Medium Range Anti Tank Missile Launcher

Through 3D visual demonstrations, the main features of Roketsan’s new generation 2.75” Laser Guided Semi-Active Missile (CIRIT) and Long Range Anti Tank Missile (UMTAS) launched from air platforms, which are air-to-ground missiles, feature the latest technology.

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