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06 March 2012

Oto Melara Showcasing Unmanned Combat Ground System

Oto Melara presents a weaponised Unmanned Ground System at D&S Bangkok, namely the OTO TRP2. This UGV is the military enhanced version of OTO TRP7-HS, it has been designed in order to be easily packed in three military back-packs and then reassembled within a couple of minutes. Its total weight is 60kg, 25 of them sensors or mission payloads. It can reaches a maximum speed of 35 km/h and its endurance is longer than 4 hours. Sold to the Italian Army (nine units), the system can either be radio controlled or via optical fibre.

For more information about this technology, please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY 3/2012, available at the Mönch booth A06.

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