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16 June 2015

Paris Air Show 2015: Airborne Surveillance Solutions by AERODATA and OPTIMARE Systems

AERODATA and its affiliated company OPTIMARE Systems are exhibiting at the Paris Air Show in Hall 2C / Booth C354, where both jointly present their versatile mission systems and its remote sensors packed in a all-in-one sensor pod for enhanced Airborne Surveillance in the following domains:

  • Airborne detection of marine pollution
  • Border / Coastal / Fishery Patrol 
  • Search & Rescue applications including CSAR
  • Airborne Maritime and land surveillance 
  • and beyond

At or booth the companies also present two new generation sensors for oil spill detection: MWR-P and LFS-P

The ultra-compact MWR-P is OPTIMARE’s third generation microwave radiometer for day & night airborne analysis of oil spills in terms of thickness distribution and volume.

  • Key characteristics are:
  • Day & night airborne detection and mapping of hot spots of oil spills;
  • Airborne measurement of oil spill thickness in the range from 0.05 to 3 millimeters;
  • Quantification of oil volume;
  • Cloud penetrating capability;
  • Support of oil spill response actions.

The ultra-compact LFS-P is OPTIMARE’s fourth generation laser fluorosensor for airborne oil type classification and provides the following capabilities at day and night: Detection of laser-induced fluorescence of crude oils, petroleum products and water constituents; Classification of crude oils, petroleum products and chemicals spilled at sea; Detection of submerged contaminants; Measurements of oil film thickness over very thin (optically thin) oil layers; Hydrographic measurements (CDOM, turbidity, chlorophyll-a); Ultra-compact and ruggedized set-up, no internal cooling water.

Two decades of expertise as well as progress in opto-electronics and laser technology enabled OPTIMARE to develop a laser fluorosensor with roughly one third in size, weight, and power consumption compared to its predecessor, the LFS Light. The LFS-P has a built-in interface to OPTIMARE’s airborne maritime surveillance system MEDUSA. AERODATA also provides useful information on its various Flight Inspection Systems – the worldwide most preferred solutions for inspection of all aeronautical navigation aids.

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