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16 June 2015

Paris Air Show 2015: ESG Showcases Sophisticated Solutions for Manned and Unmanned Aircraft


Furstenfeldbruck, 1.June 2015
As a specialist in aviation and aerospace technology, ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH is presenting their comprehensive service portfolio including development, integration and product support for customer-specific avionics, mission and IT systems for the aviation and aerospace industry. The focus of their presentation in hall 2C, stand no. C353, German Pavilion, is on complete solutions from a single source for airborne mission systems:

  • Sensor Based Landing Aid (SeLa) for brownout landing of helicopters
  • Flybook Mission Tablet Computer (MTC) as a multi-purpose use electronic flight bag for airborne crews
  • Airborne Operator Consoles for controlling external sensors, the communication method and the position information in demanding missions
  • Latest technologies and services for UAS (inter alia defence against drones)

SeLa’s dust-penetrating radar sensors can precisely determine the altitude of the aircraft. To do this, SeLa records the exact height above ground level, sink rate, horizontal speed and acceleration (value and direction), distance and direction to the planned landing zone, roll and pitch angles, heading and GPS coordinates. These readings are displayed on the pilot’s helmet mounted display and the multifunction display on the instrument panel in the cockpit using appropriate symbols. In this way, SeLa enables the pilot to maintain ground reference at all times, even with the most difficult visibility conditions, and ensures a safe landing.

The flybook MTC for aircraft crews serves as an additional information and communication medium in the cockpit. Its digital card and mission management system make the tactical management of missions easier. The flybook MTC offers all mission-necessary interfaces (SatCom, GPS etc.) and can be linked to an additional operator workstation (e.g. the Airborne Operator Console). With the specially developed software from ESG, the flybook MTC can be adapted to all customerspecific requirements.

With their Airborne Operator Consoles, ESG offers workplaces that are optimised for ergonomic position and for your mission specific tasks for in demanding missions that require high focus for several hours, day or night.

ESG has already established its full portfolio of services in the dynamic future market of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), supporting its customers with its customary range of  innovative drive and capability. Our targeted technology projects have already set milestones in fields such as "Sense and Avoid" and "Manned-Unmanned Teaming." By working closely with the UAS OEMs , ESG uses in-house applications to expand the capabilities of their systems. As a system support company, ESG takes on full responsibility for UAS, and can manage UAS operations for its customers.  Furthermore, its Unmanned Mission Avionics Test Helicopter (UMAT) can operate all of the development and testing aspects in the field of UAS for the customer.

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