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16 June 2015

Paris Air Show 2015: Cobham Exhibits First Mock-Up of New RT-7000 Panel Mounted Radio

The perfect addition to Cobham’s Flexcomm family of multi-band airborne transceivers, the RT-7000 software-defined radio manages communications 29.7-960MHz, offering maximum operability with optimum transmit power to fit any aircraft, for any mission, no matter the geographical location.

Its embedded design reduces the risk of becoming obsolete due to developments and evolution in in-built technology. Instead, the product is able to upgrade its integral technology as user requirements develop and change. Rather than acquiring a new radio, the RT-7000 remains current with the latest technologies: AM/FM/P25 and 256 BIT AES Encryption.

Fully compliant with both US and Europe regulations, the RT-7PAN panel-mount radio version has been designed to save weight and space in the cockpit, and offers an integrated certified ATC VHF band.

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