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16 June 2015

Paris Air Show 2015: Elbit Systems Introduces SKYLARK I-LEX UAS

At Paris Air Show 2015, Elbit Systems has introduced its SKYLARK I-LEX unmanned aerial system (UAS), a new generation of the legacy SKYLARK I-LE mini-UAS.

Elbit Systems has introduced its SKYLARK I-LEX unmanned aerial system (UAS) at Paris Air Show 2015. 

The SKYLARK I-LEX, based on years of knowledge and experience,  is a man-portable electric propelled UAS, best fitted for organic “beyond the next hill” reconnaissance, counter insurgency and force protection missions, as well as civil applications including perimeter security, border and coastal surveillance, anti-terror and a variety of law enforcement missions. It is already operational as the standard battalion level UAS of the Israeli Land Forces and has accumulated thousands of operational sorties. The operational success of the system has been translated to several international contracts received already this year for the delivery of the SKYLARK I-LEX system.

Among the SKYLARK I-LEX main improvements:

  • Better Air Vehicle performance
  • Enhanced Safety features and Airworthiness
  • Integration with the “Best in class” day / night / dual sensor
  • Secured, encrypted communication system
  • Simultaneous operation of two Air Vehicles, up to a range of 40 km.
  • Advanced Ground Control Station, introducing modern GUI(?), Automatic Tracker, Automatic motion detection, adaptable User Interface to the customer’s language. 
  • Geo Registration, enhancing target accuracy, through video image processing
  • Advanced Remote Video Terminal allowing payload control by forward deployed operators

Equipped with algorithms derived from Elbit Systems’ HERMES family of larger UAS, SKYLARK I-LEX can be controlled by the fly-by-camera mode and other autonomous modes, allowing automatic tracking of fixed and moving targets. The UAS is leveraging the operational experience gained by over 30 international SKYLARK customers through tens of thousands of sorties, making it a mature, battle proven solution.

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