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17 June 2015

Paris Air Show 2015: Gore Showcases New Advances in Aerospace and Avionics Technology

W. L. Gore & Associates (Hall 2B F170) is showcasing their new advances in aerospace and avionics technology. These include the GORE-FLIGHT Microwave Assemblies, 6 Series and GORE Ethernet Cables.

Airframe cable assemblies are exposed to extreme conditions that can compromise their performance — beginning with the challenges of installation and continuing through the rigorous flight conditions that combine rapid temperature and pressure changes with potential contamination from fuels, oils, and fluids. Maintaining signal integrity in these challenging environments is essential to ensuring the reliability of the sophisticated electronic systems in the aircraft. At the same time, the assemblies must be lightweight and durable to improve fuel efficiency and reduce operating costs. GORE-FLIGHT Microwave Assemblies, 6 Series are lightweight cable solutions that deliver the lowest (according to the company) insertion loss before and after installation, ensuring reliable performance for the life of the system. The robust construction of these assemblies reduces total costs by withstanding the challenges of installation, reducing costly production delays, field service frequency, and the need for purchasing replacement assemblies. Also, the 6 Series are lighter weight, which improves fuel efficiency and increases payload.

The 6 Series has been qualified to the most stringent specifications for airframe assemblies. Gore controls the entire manufacturing process from purchasing raw materials and creating and applying the proprietary dielectric material, through testing and shipping the final cable assembly. This unsurpassed vertical integration allows Gore the complete control necessary to achieve tight specifications consistently. This process includes testing 100% of the assemblies for vapor leakage, dielectric withstanding voltage, VSWR, insertion loss, impedance, and velocity of propagation — ensuring that every assembly will deliver the highest-quality performance required for today’s civil and military aircraft.

Engineered for demanding aerospace environments, GORE Aerospace Cables are constructed with uniquely engineered fluoropolymers that deliver high-speed data transmission in a lightweight package. These cables meet the performance requirements of ANSI/NEMA WC 27500 Standard for Aerospace and Industrial Electrical Cable, Type 24. GORE Aerospace Cables maintain high-speed communication on avionics networks. GORE Ethernet Cables are engineered for the increasing data demands of modern airborne digital networks. This CAT-6A cable supports TIA-568 applications up to 10 gigabits and reduces weight and diameter while increasing signal density. GORE Ethernet Cables are available in two standard sizes — 24 AWG and 26 AWG.

GORE® Ethernet Cables can significantly reduce weight while maintaining reliable signal integrity. Jacket weight is reduced by as much as 37% when compared to ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) materials and 50%  when compared to fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP), according to the company. These lighter-weight materials also result in smaller cable diameters, which ultimately translate to significantly smaller, lighter, and higher-density cable bundles. 

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