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17 June 2015

Paris Air Show 2015: Croatia Selects Maritime Patrol Solution by Airborne Technologies

On day two of Paris Air Show 2015 it has emerged that Airborne Technologies from Austria has been awarded a contract by Croatia to provide a comprehensive airborne maritime surveillance and border patrol system.

The company's CEO Wolfgang Grumeth announced the deal which will involve a B250 King AIR, which will be delivered by Beechcraft Berlin. Grumeth said: "We presented a customised solution exactly meeting the tasks." He described the company's scalable Airborne LINX solution that will be fitted into the missionised aircraft as, "the merger of all our components into one package." Airborne LINX typically includes a HD EO/IR sensor, Selex maritime surveillance radar, AIS, LOS and BLOS datalinks, a moving map/augmented reality system and tactical radios together with a mission management unit and multifunctional workstations. Optional are SIGINT, stills cameras or a searchlight as Airborne LINX is also available as a solution for rotary wing aircraft.
Pieter Bastiaans

Airborne Technologies Airborne LINX.

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