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16 June 2015

Paris Air Show 2015: Israel Aerospace Industries Expanding Advanced HERON TP Capabilities

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is enhancing its HERON TP UAS' capabilities with long-range persistent surveillance options and area dominance capabilities by integrating it with its high definition M-19HD EO payload, developed and produced by IAI's Tamam Division.

M-19HD characteristics include: Designed to withstand severe environmental conditions, the M-19HD operates in demanding high-end applications on various platforms such as high/medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles (HALE/MALE UAVs); fixed- wing aircraft, combat helicopters, aerostats,  and maritime vessels. Seen here mounted on an IAI-produced HERON UAV.

The M-19HD has successfully completed flight tests onboard manned and unmanned platforms, including the HERON 1 UAS and is currently being offered to various customers.  It is a High-Definition, multispectral, multi-sensor observation and targeting payload (which can simultaneously incorporate up to seven sensors). The M-19HD enables continuous day/night surveillance under all weather conditions and provides outstanding acquisition ranges due to its powerful sensors, high stabilization and unique image processing capabilities. The M-19HD reduces operator workload and improves situational awareness by virtue of its multimode automatic video tracker (AVT). It also provides accurate geo-location capabilities using an embedded IMU/GPS (Inertial Measurement Unit/Global Positioning System).

"We are proud to integrate the M-19HD payload on IAI's flagship UAS – the HERON TP," Avi Elisha, General Manager of IAI's Tamam Division, said "We strongly believe that its high performance and unique image processing features can confer significant advantages on supplying Heron TP customers in their operational activities."

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