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22 May 2012

Amputees in Action at ITEC 2012

Amputees in Action provides experienced amputee extras for amputee casualty simulation, adding authenticity to medical training scenarios.

Actors from Amputees in Action are used in military training exercises to simulate the horrific injuries that are caused by the detonation of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), a very real and prevalent threat in Afghanistan. With the aid of prosthetics and false blood, Amputees in Action’s expert make-up artists create shockingly real looking wounds to make actors appear to have severed limbs.

The battlefield scenarios created offer a realistic and challenging environment in which personnel can practice responding to casualties under pressure.

By using the acting skills and visual impact of specialeffects, a Trauma Casualty Amputee can depict traumatically injured personnel with superficial and secondary injuries. This spectacular sight adds a newdimension to old and practiced methods and enablesparticipants to automatically follow the basic or complex medical drills which they have been trained for,” says John Pickup, Amputees in Action MD

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