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24 May 2012

jDome Adding Capabilities at ITEC

Last year jDome went to ITEC, Europe's largest Defense Simulation Exhibition, virtually unknown to the defense industry and created quite the buzz. This year the company is at ITEC with their partner Bohemia Interactive Simulations, the main supplier of tactical training software in volume to NATO and other defence countries.

jDome has created a buzz in the industry as an easily deployable, pop-up immersive COTS-solution for in field training, which sets up in less than 15 minutes. With its small footprint one can have several jDome-systems for each individual soldier, which share the same virtual environment, thanks to Bohemia Interactive Simulations Server Solutions.

jDome is located in the center of Bohemia's booth no F110. The company hopes to be able to add further to the immersive experience of the jDome this year, with the EgoGun, a replica of the M41, with buttons and sensors to remove need for a keyboard and mouse.


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