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23 May 2012

Qioptiq Introduces SAKER Fused Weapon Sight at Soldier Technology 2012

SAKER is the new Fused Weapon Sight (FWS) product development from Qioptiq providing the Dismounted Close Combat User with an enhanced Detect, Recognise and Identify capability. SAKER combines image intensifier and uncooled thermal imaging sensors into a single sight unit. Designed with a low power architecture and featuring a removable battery pack, SAKER can be used as a stand-alone sight or as an in line / clip-on, providing flexibility and forward compatibility.

(Photo: Qioptiq)

SAKER - Technology Advances Deliver True Fused Capability
Through involvement in a number of programmes addressing the requirements and potential for FWS for the Dismounted Close Combat User Qioptiq have designed and developed a true fused weapon sight for the wider Soldier Modernisation community.

SAKER, the first of the Qioptiq FWS family, is launched concurrently at the Soldier Technology Show in London and the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Tampa USA, both taking place 22 – 24 May. Following the initial launch, SAKER will be on display at Eurosatory as part of the Qioptiq product family.

SAKER is a Clip-On In-Line (COIL) fused weapon sight utilising and combining the latest Image Intensification and un-cooled thermal imaging capability in one compact, lightweight package and delivering a flexible architecture to allow the User to maximise the benefits of both technologies. This coupled with a number of other innovations taken from on-going technology development processes and the use of lightweight materials (exploited as alternatives to Aluminium, and plastics) assist with overall size and weight reduction. As with all of Qioptiq’s products, ITAR free solutions are available without compromising performance.
SAKER is built around a forward facing architecture resulting in a flexible system that can take power from a range of standard batteries including AA and CR123, along with having the ability to integrate with powered rails and other centralised power supply. The use of Man Machine Interface (MMI) developed on the DRAGON thermal weapon sight family coupled with simplistic controls for managing the fusion elements of the system significantly reduces the training burden in both time and cost terms.

SAKER, the first of the Qioptiq FWS Family, is targeted at Special Forces Users and Urban environments in particular providing a lightweight low light / zero light solution that will greatly assist in target detection and recognition at ranges well in excess of most modern assault rifles. SAKER is compatible with a range of optical sights and attaches via a quick release bracket, providing a true 24hr capability with the ability to continue operating even during the harshest visibility conditions.

(Photo: Qioptiq)

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