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22 May 2012

Projection Systems at ITEC 2012

Norway’s projectiondesign (stand H110) a long established ITEC exhibitor, launched its newest Light Emitting Diode (LED) illuminated projector, the FS33 IR, which stimulates night vision goggles to provide superior simulated night-time vision, at the show (see other post).

JVC Professional’s showcase includes the 10-megapixel DLA-SH7NLG projector (stand J110). Incorporating three 1.27-inch 4K D-ILA display devices for high-quality imaging, with a low latency mode for simulation environments, the model’s ultra-high resolution is five times that offered by full HD.

Video Display Corporation, (stand F110) which designs and develops unique displays for military, medical and industrial use, uses its first appearance at ITEC to present its equipment for high end training and simulation applications. The company’s simulation division, VDC Display Systems, intends to launch the Workstation 72, an integrated LED product providing an immersive environment for multiple military and commercial uses.

A hotbed of originality, ITEC attendees are also able to observe jDome (stand F110), a half-spherical, portable projection screen, which is suitable for use with any projector and offers an instant and cost-effective training station for group training. Currently used in several military training programmes such as driving, handling vehicles and heavy equipment, systems training and large scale tactical training of soldiers, jDome increases the realism and spatial awareness, providing trainees with a heightened game-training experience.

(Photo: jDome)

Making its global debut at ITEC, UK company Igloo Vision (stand J150) uses the show to introduce its 360° immersive training environment to the global simulation and training community. Using expertise gained from its recent collaboration with the Royal School of Artillery, the Igloo team will demonstrate - for the first time outside of a military environment - how its technology can be applied to train Fire Support Teams and Forward Air Controllers. Running a packed daily programme, the company will showcase the utility of immersive game based technology across the range of government agencies, from the home office to education.
Igloo Vision is a key signatory of Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ ‘Developer Network’ and is announcing their collaborative partnership at ITEC 2012.

Further projection and display training and simulation solutions include companies such as Dome Projection (stand G132), Barco (stand B101) and 3D Perception (stand D140).

The Barco SEER mini-dome is a complete visualization system developed for a wide
variety of immersive training applications. It is a compact and flexible solution designed 
to maximize training space. The SEER mini-dome system provides constant eye relief over the
entire 240°/270° spherical surface and optimizes out-of-window scenes, enabling users to
experience full-immersive training at a level not previously possible. Barco engineered this
system to accommodate 4 or 5 or 8 visual channels, depending on the
application, budget, and visual requirements. (Photo: Barco)

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