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22 May 2012

MetaVR Visuals Delivered to Three ANG Aerial Refueling Simulation Training Programmes

MetaVR recently delivered multiple Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) licenses and visual systems to three US Air National Guard (ANG) aerial refuelling training programmes: QuantaDyn’s MicroBOSS, Randolph AFB’s KC-135R, and C-130 Multi-Mission Crew Trainer, and QuantaDyn and AVT’s BOSS.

MicroBOSS Desktop Refuelling Simulator
QuantaDyn received 25 MetaVR visual systems (game-level ruggedized rackmount PCs loaded with VRSG licenses) to be used in its production Micro Boom Operator Simulation System (MicroBOSS) for training KC-135R boom operators at 17 Air National Guard (ANG) sites.
The MicroBOSS is a desktop training system, which uses a computer-generated receiver aircraft to train boom operators.

Real-time VRSG screen capture of the simulated boom operator view of a simulated KC-135R aircraft refueling an
A-10C during night operations on the 400 NS aerial refueling track area of MetaVR's
virtual North America terrain. The scene features the shadows cast by the KC-135R's tail-mounted flood light
illuminating the A-10C, and the cultural lights of Amarillio, TX. (Graphic: MetaVR)

The MicroBOSS incorporates software features and capabilities of the ANG Boom Operator Simulation System (BOSS), as well as the Air Education Training Command (AETC) Boom Operator Weapon System Trainer (BOWST). This desktop system uses selective-fidelity concepts in the hardware design to provide a realistic and cost-effective training environment. Through the use of photo-realistic graphical displays, touch screens, an aural cueing system, a high-definition out-the-window display, and representative joystick controls, the MicroBOSS provides the functional equivalent of a complete KC-135R boom pod station.

Using highly detailed visual models, the MicroBOSS can provide training on Air Force, Navy, and NATO receiver aircraft. Training personnel can adapt MicroBOSS scenarios to support each unit's unique mission profiles, or concentrate on high-interest training times from operational lessons learned. Mission preparation for air refueling profiles, including the Boom Drogue Adapter (BDA), enables the aircrew to be mission ready.

MetaVR creates 3D real-time PC-based visual systems that provide the fidelity of geospecific simulation with game quality graphics. MetaVR's software products enable users to build high-fidelity virtual worlds with the company’s terrain generation tools and render the resulting virtual world with the company’s real-time 3D visualisation application, Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG).

On the Microsoft Windows platform, MetaVR delivers high performance, networked, real-time, single- and multi-channel visual systems with 3D content by fielding the company’s software technology on the latest commercial PC-based 3D graphics accelerators.
MetaVR's technology uses advanced terrain and texture paging algorithms to render geographically specific imagery over expansive terrain databases, while providing such advanced visual features as full-scene anti-aliasing and continuous level-of-detail morphing.

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