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22 May 2012

Presagis at ITEC 2012

Presagis demonstrates its cutting-edge software products for modeling & simulation, and embedded display graphics at stand K110.
Visitors to the booth can see the latest features and functionality of Presagis' portfolio of off-the-shelf modeling and simulation software tools, as well as get a sneak peek of some of the exciting things to come in Presagis' upcoming product releases.

David Nadeau, Director Product Development Presagis, gave a presentation with the title "From Source to Simulation: Presenting Efficient Processes and Procedures for Reducing the Time, Effort, and Complexity of Translating GIS Data into Simulation Ready Formats."
One of the main challenges facing the Modeling and Simulation industry today is the generation and management of GIS source data for the rapid generation of correlated simulation output formats. GIS personnel and database developers spend a large amount of time collecting adequate source data, correcting the data, and properly attributing the data for the generation of the necessary output formats.
The goal of this demo was to demonstrate effective processes and procedures to greatly improve these steps while enabling users to continue the use of their existing workflows and projects. This process also takes into account the impact and benefits of exploiting the existing and future capabilities that will be available through faster computer processing power.
Specifically, this demo focused on how time and cost can be saved in the following workflow steps:

  • Data storage
  • Data management & visualization
  • Data computing

Presagis partner Makemedia is demonstrating their 3D content capabilities on the Presagis stand. Makemedia provides high quality, large-scale 3D simulation projects and content and have won the Presagis Award for Best Visualization Application for the ACT-UK industrial training simulation system. As well as providing military simulation demos to Presagis, Makemedia also specialises in creating 3D projects for commercial sectors including industrial training, education, sport stadiums and venues.
At ITEC 2012 Makemedia is showing demos including:

  • ACT-UK Industrial Training Simulation
  • Presagis Afghan Town Simulation
  • Presagis  Air Force Base Simulation

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